USA Election Hacking


Allegations from the CIA that Russia was involved in the hacking of the DNC and the subsequent leak of emails to Wikileaks are causing one of two reactions in the US. Supporters of Donald Trump have accused the Democrats and the CIA of almost inventing stories that will cast doubt on the fairness of the election process just because they did not get the result that they wanted. Among other people there is a real fear that Russia are attempting to influence the democratic process in the United States in order to serve their own purpose.




It was not actually the CIA that made the discovery that the Russians were involved in the hack of the DNC. The claim was originally made by private security firm CrowdStrike who were hired by the DNC to investigate whether there had been a breach of their system. The company found evidence of the hack and the way that it had been executed was in the trademark style of two known Russian hackers that usually operate under instruction from the Kremlin.




Nothing in politics has really turned out the way that people expected in 2016. It seemed a foregone conclusion that Hillary Clinton would be elected president. Nobody really thought that the UK would vote to leave the European Union. These events have been felt deeply all over the globe and there are people that try to find any explanation that they can to explain these events.




It is no secret that Russia would rather Trump become president over Clinton, but did the leak of the emails really have an influence on the outcome of the election? More people were probably aware of the reopening of the FBI investigation to the use of her personal email server when she was Secretary of State than they were about the hacking of the DNC.




It remains to be seen what will come of the allegations that have been made. Russia have denied any wrongdoing and in all likelihood it will be Trump that has to deal with the situation anyway. There is a chance that he may choose to overlook the whole affair in order to continue to build the relationship that he wants between the United States and Russia.