Network Attached Storage – Overview

What is NAS?

Network attached storage or simply NAS refers to a storage device that is connected to a network thereby allowing backup, sharing and retrieval of data from a central point. Of course this involves Ethernet, TCP/IP networks as well as the storage systems which rely on them for data storage. In recent years, network attached storage have become popular rivaling storage area networks (SAN).

The Major Benefits of NAS

Speed and convenience

Instead of a harddrive connecting to the computer, a network attached storage device connects to the wireless router. This makes it possible for many users from different locations to access the data on the network. This therefore provides the fastest and most convenient way to share data.

Improves efficiency and reliability

NAS solutions give you the power of a public cloud onsite, usually at a much lower cost compared to public cloud options. The fact that you have complete control means that you can rely on NAS. Besides, since NAS devices run independent of the network server, the stored data can be accessed even during a network server outage.


With network attached storage, each user utilizes resources based on their actual needs. This is unlike traditional setups where users get predetermined storage resources some of which they do not actually need. The fact that NAS is a scalable technology means that additional resources can be added without affecting the efficiency of the system.

Ease of use

NAS devices are easy to use. They can be used with little IT support. Since NAS solutions support different environments, they do not need to be configured with a particular server. Besides, most NAs devices come with user friendly tools that simplify the process greatly. Moreover, many NAS devices are usually preconfigured to support various common services.

Data protection

Network attached storage provides a safer alternative for data storage and retrieval. Even in the event of breaches, NAS solutions will help an organisation recover the data in a convenient and cost-effective manner.

These are some of the key benefits of NAS solutions. It is worth noting that NAS solutions can also be used at home.


Bottom Line: NAS for Businesses

Network attached storage offer businesses numerous benefits compared to other storage systems. It is an effective storage solution that provides reliability, ease of use, solid protection and superior performance. To gain from these benefits, it important to use the correct network attached storage solution in your business. Engage a professional to assess your current setup to figure out how to best integrate a NAS solution.